Best 100 EFB Battery

The 100 EFB battery is our topic today on Car Battery Geek.

EFB batteries are becoming more and more popular each year, especially with an increasing number of cars having start stop systems. They can last a lot longer and provide many more starts than typical Flooded batteries.

The best overall was the Varta model (see ebay price) of this size. In second place was the Bosch 100 EFB (see price, specs on ebay here) battery, and in third place was the Exide 100 battery (here’s price on ebay).

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BATTERYVarta 100Bosch 100Exide 100
GUARANTEE3 Years3 Years3 Years

Let’s make sure it’s the right battery size and type for you, we’ll show how how to quickly and simply check that.

We’ll visit what a 100 battery is – its dimensions – and we’ll talk about EFB batteries, and what that means too.

Then we’ll look at the best 100 EFB batteries on the market, and we’ll rate them and tell you about them so you can make your buying decision.

Let’s get right to it, people!

100 EFB Battery

100 EFB Battery Lowdown

The 100 battery size, then. What does that actually mean?

Battery Size 100

Well, it means the following dimensions.

278L x 175W x 175H (mm)

Or it can be shown as:

  • Height: 278mm
  • Width: 175mm
  • Height: 175mm

These are the dimensions of size 100 batteries.

And what does EFB mean?

EFB stands for Enhanced Flooded Battery.

The EFB battery type was introduced to fix some of the failings of normal Flooded lead acid batteries (the most common type of car battery). And for stop start systems.

A polyester scrim induces better mixing of the electrolyte. Which reduces the likelihood of acid stratification, one of the main killers of lead acid batteries.

Carbon additives in the lead plates ensure higher Dynamic Charge Acceptance (DCA). Which means the battery copes better with being in a discharged state, and suffers less from sulfation, the No.1 battery killer by far.

How To Check It’s The Right Size?

We’ve got you covered.

Head over to ebay’s car battery section (which, FYI, is the best place to find the cheapest battery sellers in the UK).

Then click the blue button that says “Select Vehicle”.

Enter your car make, model, year, engine size, and fuel type. Or just enter your registration plate number, and it’ll do the rest.

Hit OK and up comes all the batteries that will fit your car.

That’s it!

If it turns out that 100 is not the right size for you, here’s a list of the best EFB batteries for all sizes.

… but how to actually choose?

Well, see below – we’ve listed the best 100 EFB batteries, the ones we recommend.

Best EFB 100 Car Battery

If you’ve just landed on this page and jumped to here, we’re not about to list the 100 best EFB batteries! Rather, we’re listing the best EFB batteries of size 100.

Reviewing the top models

Varta EFB 100

This Varta battery is the best quality type 100 EFB battery on the market. It’s the one that’ll last the longest and give you the most power and the most staying power (ie. it’ll hold onto its power for longer than any other EFB 100 batteries.)

Like the Exide and Bosch 100 EFB battery, it’s 65Ah and 650 CCA. As we said for the others, that’s very comfortably enough capacity to meet your power needs, whatever electronics systems your car has.

And that 650CCA gives you easily enough starting power, even in the coldest times of winter.

Courtesy of superior plate materials and internal mechanics, it also has the best cyclic durability. That means it has the best ability to cope with frequent and high levels of discharge (which is exactly what’s needed for stop-start functionality). As well as the resilience to provide all the power the car’s electrical systems at the same time.

Here’s where you can see it, on ebay.

Bosch EFB Battery Type 100

The Bosch EFB Battery Type 100 provides excellent quality, at mid to high range price. It’ll set you back a chunk more than the Exide battery, but it’s also a bit cheaper than the Varta battery we’ll go on to talk about.

Like the Exide battery, it’s 65Ah capacity and 650CCA. That doesn’t mean they’re identical, you still have to consider longevity (how long do UK car batteries last?) and power retention.

Bosch’s internal components are of very high quality, and it’s likely to last longer than the Exide battery. And it’ll hold onto its power better. That means after a few years, the Exide battery will be delivering a little less power, while the Bosch battery will go on stronger for longer.

It can be found on ebay, here.

Exide EFB 100

There are just a few brands we recommend in the UK, and Exide are one of them.

EFB batteries cost a bit more, and the lower cost battery makers tend not to make them yet.

This Exide battery has capacity 65Ah (Ah meaning on a battery?), that’s enough for your vehicle that fits size 100 batteries. As an EFB battery it’s perfectly equipped for a start-stop system, if you have on in your car.

It’s also designed to cope better with the fast increasing amperage requirements of electrical systems in modern cars.

650 CCA too, is plentiful – more than enough to start your vehicle in cold weather. That’s what CCA describes – it means Cold Cranking Amps, a measure of the power the battery can provide to start the car in freezing conditions.

For more on CCA: what does CCA mean?.

Check it out at the specifications, sizing, price on ebay, here.

100 EFB Battery Summary

That’s the 100 EFB battery, for you.

We looked at what size 100 actually means. And what an EFB battery actually is.

Most importantly, we looked at the best EFB 100 batteries on the market. We analysed the best brands batteries, and how they compare. We looked at what you can expect from these size 100 batteries at each price range.

The Varta EFB battery (ebay price) was the winner, then at No.2 was the Bosch model (more details and price, on ebay, here), and the Exide 100 EFB (here’s details on ebay) was no.3.

Hopefully, this information was valuable for you, and you know enough to make your decision now.