Lion Battery Review (Are They Any Good?)

In this deep dive we’ll be doing a Lion Battery Review. In particular, we’ll be asking that most basic of questions: are they any good??

To that end, we’ll check out their performance in our tests, in analysis of user feedback, professional feedback, materials used and the service and reputation of the manufacturer.

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lion battery review

Lion Battery Review: The Downlow


Lion Battery

Pros and who needs this battery:

Really reliable for the price
After much testing and analysis of the market, including canvassing the opinions of professional mechanics (who see car battery problems every single day), we’ve concluded that Lion batteries perform consistently well in delivering power to start cars. In other words, they can be relied on.

They’re very lost cost considering their quality
Lion batteries are the ONLY low cost battery we recommend. There are a few out there that just don’t perform consistently well, they’re hit and miss. Lion batteries are really solid.

Internal components are good enough
We’ve checked out the lead plates and electrolyte, tested them and compared them with other batteries. They’re good enough quality to keep the battery working well for a period of a few years.

CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) and capacity are a match, or nearly a match for much more expensive batteries
For some Lion batteries, their essential statistics, the CCA and capacity, are a match for batteries like Varta and Bosch, which can cost double the price or even more. That means that at least in the early life of the battery, it can provide as much power and starting ability, even in cold weather.

Cons and why this model is not for you:

Performance doesn’t maintain its highest levels as long as other batteries
When we look at metrics like the Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) and battery capacity, Lion batteries often match the top batteries on the market. And according to our testing, they can match those batteries for the power of their start. However, after a few years, Lion batteries performance curve drops more steeply than for those batteries.

Lifespan can be relatively short if you don’t treat them well
Most people are unaware that car batteries are quite changeable and responsive to how you treat them. Too many short journeys and a lack of long journeys mean that your battery never gets a full charge. That undercharge leads to sulfation, the No.1 battery killer. Lion batteries can last a surprisingly long time, give their low cost, but they suffer more with less than ideal treatment and can last a shorter time than other batteries. By the way, a desulfator can be crucial for making your battery last much longer than it would otherwise. Especially a desulfator that works really well.

Lion Batteries: Flooded

Flooded, by the way, just means a normal, typical lead-acid batteries, as used by most cars.

For more powerful, long-lasting batteries, see the following sections on AGM and EFB batteries. They also cost more, of course. If you have a start-stop system in your car, you must get an AGM or EFB battery.

Size 027

Dimensions: 242L x 175W x 190H (mm)

We’ve reviewed this model: here’s our Lion 027 battery review.

You can see the details of this battery on ebay.

Size 063

Dimensions: 212L x 175W x 175H (mm)

Check out the best 063 batteries in the UK.

Here’s the specifications and price of the Lion 063 battery on ebay.

Size 075

Dimensions: 247L x 175W x 175H (mm)

Check out prices on the 075 size of Lion battery on ebay, right here.

Size 096

Dimensions: 278L x 175W x 190H (mm)

Here are the best 096 Flooded batteries.

Check out the 096 battery on ebay here.

Size 100

Dimensions: 278L x 175W x 175H (mm)

Here’s where to see the pricing and info on ebay, for the Lion 100.

Size 110

Dimensions: 315L x 175W x 175H (mm)

The Lion 110 battery can be found here, on ebay.

Above are a few of the most common battery sizes.

Your Lion battery size isn’t listed among these?

No worries, on this link below you’ll see that the UK’s cheapest and highest rated Lion battery seller (which has the lowest price on the market, as well as fastest delivery):

See Lion batteries on ebay.

Don’t know which battery size you need?

Here’s a tool where you can enter your car registration number, or, if you prefer, your car’s make, model and year. Click the link below to do that.

Find batteries that fit my car, on the ebay battery finder tool. Then, on that ebay page. Click the blue button that says “Select vehicle”.

Lion AGM Batteries

If you need an AGM battery but you balk at the super high prices, Lion’s AGM batteries provide a lower priced choice.

Here are the AGM battery sizes offered by Lion:

Size 027 AGM

Dimensions: 242L x 175W x 190H (mm)

See it on Euro Car Parts, here.

Size 096 AGM

Dimensions: 278L x 175W x 190H (mm)

Here are the best 096 AGM batteries on the UK market.

Here’s where to to get it, on ebay.

Size 115 AGM

Dimensions: 315L x 175W x 190H (mm)

Check out the Lion 115 AGM battery here, on ebay.

Size 019 AGM

Dimensions: 353L x 175W x 190H (mm)

Here are the top 019 AGM batteries in the UK.

This is where you can get it on ebay.

Size 009 (Prius/Lexus Fit) AGM

Dimensions: 236L x 125W x 224H (mm)

Here’s the Lion 009 AGM.

Lion EFB Batteries

EFB batteries are longer lasting and provide more power than traditional flooded batteries.

And while they’re not quite as powerful as AGM batteries, they’re lower priced, and can be used on cars with stop start functionality.

Lion batteries don’t do EFB batteries in every size, but they do a few. You can see them listed below, with links to check them out at the lowest priced sellers we could find.

Size 027 EFB

Dimensions: 241L x 175W x 190H (mm)

We’ve reviewed the best EFB 027 batteries in the UK .

See the Lion 027 EFB battery, pricing and specs, on ebay.

Size 096 EFB

Dimensions: 278L x 175W x 190H (mm)

Here are the best 096 EFB batteries

See the 096 EFB Lion battery right here.

Size 100 EFB

Dimensions: 278L x 175W x 175H (mm)

Check out the UK’s best 100 EFB batteries.

Check out the Lion 100 EFB battery at ebay.

Size 110

Dimensions: 315L x 175W x 175H (mm)

Here’s where, on ebay, you can see it.

Size 005

Dimensions: 230L x 173W x 222H (mm)

The 005 EFB battery is here on ebay.

Size 030

Dimensions: 266L x 172W x 222H (mm)

Check it out right here.

Size 158

Dimensions: 234L x 127W x 220H (mm)

If you want to check price, go here.

Size 335

Dimensions: 302L x 172W x 220H (mm)

See the latest price on Euro Car Parts site.

Which Lion Battery Should I Get?

Here’s how to choose your battery.

Get the right size of battery

Firstly, and most importantly, make sure you get the right size of battery.

So, for example, if you currently have an 027 battery, you can replace it with any battery of 027 size – that includes 027 EFB and 027 AGM sizes.

If your current battery says 027 size on it, does that mean your battery must have the 027 code if it’s to fit?

No. There are other sizes that will also fit. You can use this tool to see all the batteries that will fit your car.

Should I get a Flooded, AGM or EFB battery?

As we mentioned earlier, if you have a start stop system in your car, you MUST get an EFB or AGM battery.

If you currently have an AGM battery, you must replace it with another AGM battery.

If you don’t have a start-stop system, and you don’t currently have an AGM battery, then you’re free to choose between Flooded, EFB and AGM batteries.

EFB batteries are more powerful and longer-lasting than Flooded (normal lead acid) batteries. And then AGM are still more powerful and even longer lasting. And, as a result, prices are higher, as you’d expect.

Here’s how to choose between AGM vs. EFB batteries.

Lion Battery Review Summary

That’s it for our Lion Battery Review!

We answered the question: are they any good?

We talked about the pros and cons of Lion batteries, and found that Lion batteries stack up really well against higher cost batteries. They are reliable and provide a powerful start.

We did note that their decline is steeper than those other batteries, and that they’ll lose their power and last a shorter amount of time if you don’t keep them fully charged as much as possible.

We identified the best places to get Lion batteries, for normal, AGM and EFB batteries.

Good luck with your decision on whether a Lion battery is right for you.