Digital Battery Analyzer 12V & F16 Pulse King Review

The Ultimate Battery Health Solution is their billing.

Is it, though?

That’s what we aimed to find out by testing these products together.

So what is it then? It’s a Bundle product, combining a 12V car battery tester and a battery desulfator (reconditioner)

Actually, we’ve already tested both in the past (of course we have, we’ve tested everything), and they’re both pretty near the top of their field. As we’ll go on to discuss, the Digital Battery Analyzer has been around the block, but that can be a blessing or a curse, depending on your proclivities.

One of the main supposed advantages of this Bundle is the ability to use a battery reconditioner, and be sure that its actually working (by testing the battery before and after a few weeks of using it).

We’ll give our opinion on how likely you actually are to see an improvement in battery health.

By the way, you can check out the price of this Bundle on Amazon here.

Digital Battery Analyzer 12V & F16 Pulse King Bundle

  • Voltage: 12V
  • Battery types: All kinds of lead-acid batteries
  • Digital Battery Analyzer Dimensions: 15 x 8 x 3.5cm
  • F16 Pulse King Dimensions: 6.0 x 4.0 x 1.4cm
  • Digital Battery Analyzer Weight: 330g
  • F16 Pulse King Weight: 40g

How did we come to our final view on this product?

We tested it for:

  • Build quality
  • Hardiness/suitability or otherwise for heavy usage
  • Ease of use
  • Fitness for purpose – in this case, how well it actually manages to both improve your monitoring and actually take preventive or curative action on your battery
digital battery analyzer & F16 Pulse King Bundle Review

Rating the Car Battery Tester & Battery Desulfator Bundle

Here’s where we dive into the main benefits and drawbacks of this bundle, as well as some tips on how to know if you actually need it.

Digital Battery Analyzer 12V & F16 Pulse King

Plus points and who this Bundle is best for:

Its claim of being an all-round solution has merit
We really think this is a proper all round solution if you really want to maximise your battery lifespan and minimise the chance of any battery problems. The tester is very easy to use and gives you a clear indication of what condition your battery is in. It rated well in our list of the top car battery testers UK, 2024. You can check your battery now and again and see how slow or fast its condition is changing, by observing the change in CCA (aka Cold Cranking Amps, which is the battery capacity – FYI, here’s the full technical definition of CCA). The F16 Pulse King is the most effective desulfator on the market (check out the Best Desulfator UK) – we’ve used it time and again to improve battery health. We’re very confident about its effectiveness for making your battery last a lot longer, and giving you less trouble (less breakdowns, easier starts) during that time.

The bundle gives you proof that F16 is helping
That is, it allows you to very clearly see whether the desulfator is actually working .You can easily verify whether the F16 battery reconditioner is improving the battery health or not. In our experience, it has always improved the batteries we tested it on (check out this full F16 Pulse King battery reconditioner review). It should be, unless your battery is in such extremely bad condition that it’s beyond help.

Gives you pretty much the maximum peace of mind about your battery you can ever get
Around half of all breakdowns are battery related, did you know that? And batteries can be notoriously capricious and unforgiving if you don’t treat them a certain way. For example, if you only drive on short journeys, and the battery never gets a full charge, sulfation occurs on the battery plates and the power the battery can delivers falls until it fails completely. A good quality desulfator will remove this sulfation, and not only that, it prevents the future accumulation of the sulfate on the battery plates. So you know its keeping your battery more healthy than it otherwise would be. FYI, here’s a full guide to battery reconditioning.

Negative points and why it may not be for you:

Some people won’t need a tester
It depends. Some people will really appreciate the tester to get an accurate idea of your battery’s state. And for the fact that you can so clearly and easily see that F16 Pulse King is keeping your battery healthy. But if you’re not really that bothered about tracking it, you may just prefer the idea of getting the desulfator alone, knowing it will make your battery last longer. At around £30, that’s certainly the cheaper option.

It’s not the most modern or multi-functional tester
It doesn’t have a colour screen or a printer or Bluetooth. It can’t store test results, and it can’t perform cranking or charging tests. It has an LCD screen and just a few buttons. On the flip side – it’s extremely reliable, sturdy and is still pretty much unmatched for the accuracy of its readings.

Where can you get it?

Check out the Bundle on Amazon, right here.

Digital Battery Analyzer & F16 Pulse King Review Summary

That concludes our Digital Battery Analyzer & F16 Pulse King Bundle Review.

So, then: is it “The Ultimate Battery Health Solution”?

Bombastic as it is, there’s certainly some merit to the claim. We live in a world where the main technology we use to power our cars is flawed – they can die unexpectedly or gradually give you less and less power when sulfation develops on the battery plates.

This Bundle will certainly allow you to get an accurate reading for battery health, to track it over time; as well as to actually improve the battery’s health and make it last longer.

Do you need it? It depends how bothered you actually are about having a battery that lasts longer, some people may just have a “ah, it’ll die when it dies” feeling about it. On that note, here’s how much a car battery will set you back in 2024. Others may feel they wouldn’t want to make the effort to test the battery from time to time.

If you feel like it’d be good to keep track of its health and take action to improve it, then it may be worth it for you.

If you think its worth it, check it out on Amazon.

Or check them out individually here.