NOCO GBX155 Review UK

Another monster jump starter by NOCO?

Why yes, that’s exactly what it is. And this one is by far the biggest Peak Amps on the UK market.

Trust us when we say that a large stated Peak Amps doesn’t always translate to actual power delivered to a car battery, far from it.

We’ll be checking out if that’s the case here.

Without further ado, then, we present our NOCO GBX155 Review.

Below, are the full details about the NOCO Boost X GBX155, then there’s the full review and results of our tests. Here’s where you can check out price and specifications on Amazon.

NOCO Boost X GBX155

  • Voltage: 12V
  • Peak Amps: 4250A
  • For car engine sizes: Up to 10L petrol, 8L diesel
  • Weight: 3.2kg
  • Dimensions: 30.5L x 17.5W x 6.9H cm

How did we test and rate the NOCO GBX155?

We tested it for.

  • Power of the jump start on a various vehicle sizes
  • Quality of inner components, clamps, and outer casing
  • How much contact and how solid the contact is between the clamps and the battery terminals
  • Resistance to dust and water
  • Additional extras beyond jump starting
noco gbx155 review

Rating the NOCO Boost X GBX155

Let’s deep dive into the GBX155’s positives and negative aspects we uncovered from our tests.

NOCO GBX155 Jump Starter

Pros and who this 12V jump starter is best for:

The Power…
There’s nowhere else to start, really. 4250A is one hack of a lot of power. Now, as we mentioned in the introduction, Peak Amps is really more of a guideline, or a way of comparing the utmost capabilities of a jump starter. No jump starter ever spends an appreciable amount of time at that highest amperage. It still represents a good comparison if, and only if, the jump starter has good enough components and clamps to actually get that power across the vehicle battery. And in our testing we found that the NOCO GBX155 does indeed get a huge amount of power to the battery. So well in fact, that we do rate it as genuinely (not just because of the high rated Peak Amps) the most powerful 12V jump starter out there.

The bells and whistles are finally up to scratch
In our experience, the companies of heritage in the auto market, the big names, with some decades (or even centuries) of experience can sometimes be a little behind the up and coming companies in terms of accessories and additional extras on their product. And that was true of NOCO’s jump starters as well, until recently. Their top models of chargers didn’t have Type C USB charging, a staple these days. But in 2021, the GBX range came along and brought with it the latest tech. This model has super-fast 60W Type C input and output charging. That means that as well as being able to charge the unit really fast, you can charge devices like phones, laptops and tablets a lot faster than pretty much anything else can.

The latest Lithium technology
Why should you care about that? Well, if you’re keeping a close eye on the Lithium market, you’ll know one thing. The latest generation of Lithium isn’t just more powerful, though it is that. It’s really safe. Like, proper safe. And we like the NOCO Boost X’s BMS specs. All the latest safety protections are there.

The all-important “in a pinch” factor
Ah yes, the in a pinch factor. What is that? It’s our Car Battery Geek phrasing for how well or otherwise a product performs for you in the most extreme or unfortunate or unlucky conditions. And that’s where NOCO products tend to excel, and it’s the main reason for their reputation. There are plenty of powerful jump starters out there, that’ll do a perfectly good jump start a decent percentage of the time. If your car battery voltage has dropped below what is needed to start, they’ll give it the jolt needed. But what if, for some unpredictable and unaccountable reason, the battery voltage has dropped really low? What if the jump starter itself is out of charge, how long will it take to recharge? What if it’s wet, is it safe to even use the jump starter? In all these situations, the NOCO Boost X GBX155 delivers where others can’t. It has high quality clamps that deliver a lot of power to the battery. It can be charged enough to jump start within 5 minutes. It has IP65 protection. It’ll work down to -20°C degrees. For some automotive products, these details are just fine details, nice bonuses, but on a jump starter these issues can be the difference between a successful or a failed jump start, when conditions are far from perfect.

Cons and why this 12V booster model may not be the one for you:

It’s a steep investment
We said there’s nowhere else to start in the Pro section than with the power. And there’s nowhere else to start in the Cons section than with the price. It’s expensive. If you have a small car, and you’re proactive about your battery (ie. you test it, use a battery desulfator, and keep an close eye on its condition, for example by using a BM6 battery monitor), it may make sense to get a lower cost jump starter.

A bag rather than a case?
It comes with a drawstring bag, rather than a protective case. At this price? Come on NOCO, you’re better than that.

Where can you get it?

Here’s where to get it, on Amazon.

NOCO GBX155 Review UK Summary

That’s where we call it a day on our NOCO GBX155 Review.

An extremely powerful jump starter. With the latest generation of Lithium and a BMS up to modern standards, we rate it being extremely safe. Maybe even unmatched on the UK market in that regard. And NOCO is finally getting on board with the add-ons and features to match other boosters. The result of such efforts is that it has exceptional capabilities in more extreme conditions of weather, and poor battery condition.

You’re paying a hefty price, though, so consider whether you actually need such powerful model (see the Topdon JS3000 for a cheaper, but still powerful alternative).

If you decide it’s the right one for you, here’s where to check out specifications and price.