NOCO Genius Pro 50 Review

Continuing our analysis of the top car chargers in various categories, let’s check out a 50 amp battery charger, for professional use.

Here, then, is our NOCO Genius Pro 50 Review.

See below, the basic stats associated with this charger. Then, we’ll talk in much more granular detail about how well it performed in our tests.

NOCO Genius Pro 50

  • Voltage: 6/12/24V
  • Charging Amps: 50 Amps (and 10A mode for small batteries/trickle charging)
  • Weight: 5.5kg
  • Dimensions: (LxWxH): 290 x 462 x 249mm

When we were checking out the NOCO Genius Pro 50, how did we put it to the test?

We tested it and analysed it in the following categories:

  • Charging power – can it really reach 50 Amps, as it’s supposed to… (many chargers rarely or never actually reach their supposed maximum!)
  • Build quality
  • Components, casing, cable, circuit board quality
  • Durability of casing and clamps
  • Manufacturer quality
NOCO Genius Pro 50 Review

Rating the NOCO Genius Pro 50

Now, we’ll look at the pros and cons of this 50 amp battery charger, and analyse whether it’s suited to your particular needs.

Everything you need to know is coming, right here!

NOCO Genius Pro 50

What did we like in our testing, and who would need this professional level charger:

The real deal in terms of power charging
We found that it has genuine ability to reach 50 Amps. And most importantly, it can sustain that level consistently. Some poorer quality chargers will only reach their stated charge level for a short time. Of course, modern smart chargers vary their voltage and amperage to suit the current condition and charge level of the battery at that specific moment. So you wouldn’t expect to see 50 Amp charging the entire charging process. But during the bulk phase of charging (there are 9 different stages), it’ll reach as much as 50 Amps, assuming that’s what your size of battery needs.

It’s really fast charging
We charged a big ol’ 200Ah battery (what does Ah mean on a battery?) in less than 3 hours with the NOCO Genius Pro 50 – that’s fast, for sure. If that’s important for your needs, then be aware: we’ve not experienced anything close to this speed.

The build quality, materials and safety protections are top notch
The cables are reassuringly beefy. That’s important on any battery charger. But when you’re talking about up to 50 Amp charging, it’s really important. And on closer analysis, they’re silicon, with a high-quality nylon covering. The little details you may not think of are covered. The cables are long, you won’t need to perch this awkwardly close to the battery. And they’re highly flexible, which makes every movement of the charger into position much easier. That’s certainly far from always the case with thicker cables, in our experience. And a monster 60 Amp ANL fuse is great from a safety perspective.

It’s your best bet for both rejuvenation and keeping batteries healthy
Here at Car Battery Geek, batteries are our expertise; and battery reconditioning is really where we come into our own. Without blowing our own trumpet, in our multi-decade experience of batteries, let’s say we’ve seen batteries in all conditions and we’ve seen what what state of batteries can be recovered from and what states cannot. And we’ve seen what techniques work to recover them and what don’t. And NOCO’s repair mode is one of those that gets it. Their multi-stage charging pumps in the right charging current at the voltages and amperages at the right time. And the repair mode is one of the best ways to remove desulfation (which, by the way, is what causes the all-too-early death of most 12V batteries). And as for Force Mode? Even some top chargers can be rendered entirely ineffective if a battery voltage has dropped close to 1 volts, even 2-3 volts can be difficult. But the Genius Pro 50 will detect the battery even down to 0 volts and force its detection. And then you’re good to go. This mode is something special, for sure.

The negative aspects, and why it may not be a good fit for you:

You only need this size of charger for big batteries, or if fast charging is particularly important to you
Considering the modes on offer, particularly Force Mode and the quality of the repair mode, the NOCO Genius Pro 50 is *comfortably* the highest functioning charger on the market in the UK. As far as build quality is concerned we’ve extolled the virtues (spoke very highly of!) all of NOCO’s top range chargers. In terms of power charging, this is a monster and a consistent monster, as discussed above. BUT, if you aren’t charging BIG batteries, or you aren’t in great need of especially fast charging, if you don’t feel the need to get the absolute daddy of chargers, with every possible aspect at the maximum possible level, then you can get the NOCO Genius 10 (with 10 Amp charging), or indeed the similar CTEK MXS10 at a much lower price.

It costs a lot of money
That’s a fact. And it’s why we’d probably only recommend it to professional users, who need big charging currents, or if you have a large battery bank. Why pay this much for a charger if you don’t need a mammoth 50 Amps charging current?

Where can you get it?

This is the seller with the lowest price we’ve found, here on Amazon.

NOCO Genius 50 Pro Review Summary

Hope you enjoyed reading our NOCO Genius 50 Pro Review.

It’s a powerful beast when it comes to charging, and it’s really well made, with plenty of functionality.

The multi-stage charging can genuinely significantly increase the lifespan of the batteries you’re charging, by dint of giving it the right, healthy amount of charge at the right time, automatically customised to the state of the battery you’re charging.

We found that the Repair mode can help rescue batteries that are starting to fail, and restore them to health (which the best desulfators can also do). And Force Mode is unique on the market for it’s ability to deal with batteries that have extremely low voltage.

It comes at a hefty price, though (which is why it didn’t make our list of the best car battery chargers 2023). Make sure you actually need this level of charger, and this high charging Amperage before you purchase.

Good luck with whatever you decide.