Best 027 EFB Battery (Stop Start)

So you know you need an EFB battery and you know the dimensions you need, the 027 size.

So which battery should you get?

First, we’ll tell you how you can make sure these battery dimensions are right for you, and how you can check that.

We’ll show you exactly how you can quickly and easily see all your options for a car battery for your vehicle.

An EFB battery is a great choice, so kudos for that.

Most importantly, then, we’ll give you the best 027 EFB batteries and rate our recommended ones. So you can decide which one is best for you.

Battery buying guide

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027 EFB Battery

027 EFB Battery Reviews

Let’s talk about this type of battery, then and see what’s what.

Dimensions of This Battery Size

Well, the 027 EFB battery dimensions. What are they?

They are:

242L x 175W x 190H (mm)

This can also be expressed as:

Length: 242mm

Width: 175mm

Height: 190mm

If your car’s existing battery is 027 size, then you know you don’t need to check this. Batteries of this size obviously fit your car no problem.

FYI, the size of 027 batteries are identical, whether they are EFB, AGM or standard lead acid (Flooded/wet).

Which Batteries Will Fit Your Car?

If you already know the battery size you need is 027 size, then you’re good. All the batteries of that size will fit, be they EFB or any other kind.

If you’re not sure if the EFB 027 battery size is right for you, then just follow these simple steps:

Go to: ebay’s excellent battery finder.

Click the blue button, “Select Vehicle”. Then enter your car registration number, or enter your car make, model, engine size and fuel type.

Hey presto. Up comes all the batteries that fit your vehicle.

It’s as easy as that.

027 Stop Start Battery

These EFB batteries are 027 stop start batteries. EFB and AGM are the only two battery types that you can use if your car has a start stop system.

If you have any other size of battery, here’s our list of the top EFB batteries in the UK.

EFB Battery: Is It Right For You?

EFB batteries are a great choice, since they have significant advantages over normal Flooded 027 batteries.

They have improved charge acceptance and power delivery, with unique carbon additives in the lead plates. That means they’ll give you a lot more starts, as much as 2 or 3 times as many.

They’ll last longer than traditional lead-acid batteries, since they’re much more resistant to sulfation. Sulfation, by the way, is the build up of lead sulfates on the battery plates, which is what causes most batteries to die.

Best 027 EFB Battery

Now that you know how to find batteries that fit your car and you know that you need an EFB battery, let’s help you make the choice of the best battery for you.

BATTERYBosch EFB 027Varta EFB 027Exide EFB 027
GUARANTEE3 Years3 Years3 Years

So what 027 EFB batteries do we recommend? The following are the best UK battery brands for this battery type and size.

Bosch EFB 027

Capacity: 60Ah
CCA: 560 EN
Guarantee: 3 years

Bosch, like Varta, have the highest quality of batteries.

Bosch’s EFB 027 battery is likely to be the longest lasting. EFB batteries can last more than twice as long as normal Flooded/Wet batteries, and with Bosch’s quality of internal components, there’s a good chance this battery will last you 5 years or more.

That’s because the internal components are such high quality, allowing for particularly excellent mixing of the electrolyte. This minimises acid stratification, which is one the main causes of battery death.

We found it on ebay right here.

Varta EFB 027

Capacity: 60Ah
CCA: 560 EN
Guarantee: 3 years

Varta batteries have very strong reputation for reliability, and with good reason. You know you’re getting quality, and it comes with higher cost than Exide.

Their EFB 027 battery is high quality, and the 560 EN Cold Cranking Amps will get you started even in the coldest weather.

As a result of the highly optimised internal structure, it’ll deal better with discharged states than the Exide battery, and is hence less prone to sulfation.

See the ebay price for this battery here.

Exide EFB 027

  • Capacity: 60Ah
  • CCA: 640 EN
  • Guarantee: 3 years

Whenever we discuss Exide batteries we talk about value. There are higher quality batteries out there, and there are slightly cheaper ones. But Exide offer really well-made batteries at pretty cheap prices.

This EFB 027 battery is no different.

60Ah capacity is enough, and 60Ah is what the more expensive batteries offer.

The Cold Cranking Amps value of 640 EN is excellent starting power. More power is what you get with EFB batteries, compared to traditional Flooded lead acid batteries.

Interestingly, it’s also fully 80 EN more Cold Cranking Amps than is offered by the Varta and Bosch 027 EFB batteries (which are the other two battery brands we recommend on this page).

The 3 year guarantee is standard for this type of EFB battery, and is exactly what the two more expensive batteries offer as well.

However, bear in mind the following. Bosch and Varta batteries use better quality internal components, including the battery plates material. They’re likely to hold onto their power for longer than this Exide battery, and are more reliable in the long term.

Check it the lowest priced seller here.

027 EFB Battery Summary

So, we talked about the battery dimensions. If you’ve got an 027 battery already, then you know its the right size. Otherwise, you can check using these dimensions.

The easiest way to find the batteries that will fit your vehicle: going to ebay’s car battery section and entering your car info.

We recommended the 027 EFB batteries that we rate the highest, and discussed how they compare.

It was these batteries below. No.1 was the Bosch, No.2 was the Varta model and No.3 was the Exide battery.

We went on to discuss the pros and cons of these batteries, and helped you to identify which one may be right for you.

Good luck with your choice!