Best 019 AGM Battery UK

Welcome to Car Battery Geek, where today we’re checking out the Best 019 AGM Battery UK.

If that’s what you need, here’s where you’ll find out which one is the best for your needs. Our top pick from our testing is the Varta AGM 019 battery (see price on ebay) . In second place is the Bosch battery (check out ebay price, here); and our No.3 is the Exide battery (ebay price).

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Varta 019 AGM

Voltage: 12V
Dimensions (LxWxH): 353mm x 175mm x 190mm
Capacity: 95Ah
CCA (Cold Cranking Amps): 850CCA

Bosch 019 AGM

Voltage: 12V
Dimensions (LxWxH): 353mm x 175mm x 190mm
Capacity: 95Ah
CCA (Cold Cranking Amps): 850CCA

Exide 019 AGM

Voltage: 12V
Dimensions (LxWxH): 353mm x 175mm x 190mm
Capacity: 95Ah
CCA (Cold Cranking Amps): 850CCA

Who are we and how did we pick the top 019 AGM type batteries on the UK market?

Batteries are our game, our specialty, and we analysed and tested each battery for the following criteria:

  • Cranking power
  • Quality of lead plates and interior components
  • Longevity
  • Cranking power in cold weather
  • Manufacturer quality

We’ll also discuss how to get the most out of your AGM battery and the simple actions to take to make it last as long as possible. You can easily double the lifespan if you enact these tips.

Finally, we’ll let you know how to choose the AGM battery that’s right for your particular needs – that gives you the power and reliability needed for your price range.

best 019 agm battery uk

AGM 019 Battery Reviews

Here are our full reviews of this battery type, including the pros and cons from our testing and analysis.

Varta AGM 019 Battery

Pros and who needs this battery:

It’s the only battery that’s both AGM and has silver technology
AGM batteries have many advantages compared to normal lead-acid batteries, including having superior starting power and longevity. This battery also has the benefits offered by silver technology – particularly having greater energy density in the plates, compared to normal lead plates.

The longest lasting
Varta batteries are certainly some of the highest quality in the world, and this 019 AGM battery is up to that standard. Why? Higher quality components is one reason. A superior grid structure is another. This battery copes better with high vibration than most others. It deals better with being left in a state of discharge as well.

It’s made in Germany
Everyone knows Germany is the best country in the world for the rigour and attention to detail in their manufacturing practices. So you know this battery is very well made.

Cons and why this model is not for you:

It’s not cheap
At around £300, it’s not cheap. But if you need an 019 battery, you’ve got quite a powerful car and therefore your battery costs are always going to be steep.

That’s Varta’s 019 AGM battery.

Where can you get it?

You can see it for price right here, on ebay.

Bosch AGM 019 Battery

Pros and who needs this battery:

Best for cold start
After our testing and analysis, the Bosch 019 AGM was the top performer for cold starts. In temperatures below zero, it was still starting confidently. Cold cranking amps of 850CCA is really high. The other two batteries on this list match that CCA but the Bosch technology has made the best use of that power in reality.

Copes really well with deep discharge
It showed excellent deep cycle resistance. Even when charge was low, it still started well. If you don’t use the car much, or mainly for short journeys, your battery suffers. Normal lead-acid batteries can’t cope with such treatment, and lesser AGM batteries can’t deal with it so well. This Bosch battery is the best one to deal with low charge levels and still stay strong in the start, and maintain its health.

Like the Varta battery, it’s made in Germany
And therefore, has similarly excellent build quality and internal components.

Cons and why this model is not for you:

It’s a little more expensive than the Varta battery
It’s around £10-20 more than Varta’s 019 AGM.

It doesn’t have Silver technology like the Varta battery does
It’s better on cold start and deep cycle resistance. But the silver technology within the Varta battery does confer some advantages in its durability and ability to handle high current loads.

Where can you get it?

Check out the size, specifications, price of the Bosch AGM 019 on ebay.

Exide AGM 019 Battery

Pros and who needs this battery:

The same capacity and CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) at lower cost
At around £30-60 cheaper than the top two on our list, you’ll get the same CCA and battery capacity. Capacity is how much charge it can store, and CCA is how much power it has to start your car. Just remember, that having the same stats doesn’t necessarily mean the same performance -the Varta and Bosch batteries have superior lead plates and components. But it’s still a good thing that Exide can match those levels at lower cost.

Good performance for starting and cycle durability
Starting power was at a similar level to the other two batteries, at least initially (Bosch and Varta will maintain higher levels for longer and in colder weather). And it coped well with intense charge-discharge cycles. That’s really important for cars with start-stop systems, which need to deliver starting power consistently and often, far more than normal cars do.

Cons and why this model is not for you:

It also doesn’t have Silver technology
The lead plates are good quality. AGM batteries made by reputable companies like Exide are always going to be well made, and this 019 battery is no different. The Silver technology of the Varta battery provides extra quality beyond that, however.

Performance is likely to wane slightly earlier than the Varta or Bosch batteries will
The high CCA and capacity of this battery is great, and match those batteries. But its over time that the difference will start to show. It’ll start to deliver less power and struggle a little more in cold conditions. That’s a few years down the road to be clear. AGM are much longer lasting and have better power delivery than normal lead-acid batteries. So longevity is great for each battery on this list.

Where can you get it?

Here’s where you can check out the price of the this Exide 019 AGM battery on ebay.

What To Consider When Buying An 019 AGM Battery

Let’s discuss how to make your decision

Do I need an AGM battery?

If you currently have an AGM battery, then you MUST replace it with another AGM battery. Even EFB batteries, which are also suitable for stop-start systems, cannot be used.

If you currently have an EFB car battery, then you can upgrade it to an AGM battery, as long as you’re sure it’s the right size.

If you currently have a lead-acid battery, you can also replace it with an AGM car battery. Here are the advantages of an AGM battery compared to a lead-acid battery:

  • More starting power
  • Better ability to cope with high vibration
  • Better cycle durability
  • Longer-lasting, feasibly double or triple the lifespan
  • Will give you as many as 2 to 3 times the number of starts
  • Copes better with being left in a discharged state
  • Better resistance to sulfation (the No.1 killer of lead-acid batteries)

Is this the right sized battery for me?

If you currently have an 019 battery, then any 019 type battery, whether lead-acid, gel or AGM, will fit your car.

The dimensions for 019 sized batteries are:

  • Length: 353mm
  • Width: 175mm
  • Height: 190mm

Best 019 AGM Battery Summary

Those were the best 019 AGM batteries in the UK.

Our No.1 was the Varta AGM 019 battery (ebay price). It has great longevity, and performed well in each aspect of our tests. The fact that the plates have silver additive is a great advantage, providing excellent energy density. It’s expensive, though.

The Bosch 019 battery (see specs and price on ebay) is an AGM battery with great cold start ability and copes well with high discharge. But it’s the most expensive. We felt the Varta model is the best for value.

The Exide size 019 battery (price on ebay) is a good all rounder, and around 10-15% cheaper than the Varta and Bosch batteries.

We discussed whether AGM battery is what you need, and if you don’t need it, whether should you get one anyway or not. And we advised that you should make sure 019 size is the right size for your car, and how to check.

Hopefully, your decision is a clear one, good luck with it!