Best 063 Car Battery (& Its Dimensions)

Welcome. Here’s where you’ll find out the best 063 car battery.

We’ll tell you the 063 battery dimensions so you can make sure it’s the right size for your vehicle.

Not only that, we’ll discuss your options: that is, which type of 063 battery should you get, depending on your weighting of risk vs. cost.

We make it very clear so that you can choose.

So let’s get cracking!

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best 063 battery dimensions

Best 063 Car Battery List

So let’s check out a list of the best 063 batteries – here are their rankings, with their specifications and basic info.

After that, keep reading as we review each one.

BATTERYBosch S5Exide Premium Varta BlueExide Excell Lion 063
BATTERY SIZE063063063063063
BATTERY TYPEStandard (Flooded/Wet)Standard (Flooded/Wet)Standard (Flooded/Wet)Standard (Flooded/Wet)Standard (Flooded/Wet)
GUARANTEE5 Years5 Years5 Years3 Years3 Years

063 Car Battery Reviews

Bosch S5 Car Battery 063

Capacity: 52Ah
CCA value: 520CCA
Guarantee: 5 years

520 CCA is huge for a small car. Now we’re talking security and strong starting power even in the depths of winter cold. The most risk-averse will want this one.

Those who want to be really nippy, with a nice surge of power will find this Bosch battery is the one for them.

This has a 5 year guarantee, and it’ll deal better with less than perfect usage compared to the other batteries on this list.

As the highest quality 063 battery, it’ll hold onto its power for longer as well.

It’s likely to be not far off triple the price of the exceptionally low cost Lion 063 car battery on this list. You have to weigh up the increased starting power and likelihood of maintained power against that higher investment.

All in all, it’s the best 063 car battery.

A great battery for smaller Ford Focus models, for just one example.

Check it out at the cost on ebay here.

Exide Premium 063 Battery

Capacity: 47Ah
CCA value: 450CCA
Guarantee: 5 years

Another step up in quality is Exide’s Premium range.

Even this model, though is still pretty low priced for a car battery. That’s because 063 batteries are one of the smallest, and any car with an 063 battery is going to be pretty small and light. And so it doesn’t need a huge amount of power compared to other cars.

450CCA is really decent starting power for a small vehicle.

This is where you can find it at.

Varta Blue Battery 063

Capacity: 44Ah
CCA value: 440CCA
Guarantee: 5 years

Varta are a premium battery brand, and this Varta Blue battery is one of their lowest cost batteries.

You’re getting Varta quality and reliability with this battery, and some will choose it for this reason.

440CCA is good enough for most cars in most conditions.

Here’s where you can check it out on ebay.

Exide Excell

Capacity: 44Ah
CCA value: 420CCA
Guarantee: 3 years

Exide are mid-range, for an extra 20 quid or so compared to the Lion 063 battery, you get an additional 4Ah and an extra 80CCA.

That higher CCA could be significant in terms of starting power, in certain conditions. We’re happier with at least 400CCA for starting a small car in really low temperatures.

Price for the Exide Excell 063 battery is here, on ebay.

Lion 063

  • Capacity: 40Ah
  • CCA value: 340CCA
  • Guarantee: 3 years

One of the cheapest batteries you’ll ever find. But Lion are a good maker, providing solid batteries for the price (such as this 027 battery by Lion)

And the Lion 063 car battery is no different.

Its Cold Cranking Amps is 340CCA. CCA is the number of Amps the battery can deliver for 30 seconds at a voltage of at least 7.2 Volts at 0°F (-18°C). Basically, it’s a measure of the starting power of the battery.

340 CCA is, well, it’s quite low. So it’s certainly only suitable for the smallest cars, and if it gets really cold that’s not a huge amount of starting power, it’s possible you might find it tough to start in those conditions.

40Ah is quite a small capacity. This is not a battery to leave unused for more than a few days – power will become too low to start since it’s not that much to begin with.

Be aware that if you have a lot of electronics to power in your car, that will drain this battery quite quickly.

These things shouldn’t be too surprising in all honesty, it’s a very low cost battery.

If you’ve a small car with small engine, if you regularly make long journeys and don’t leave it unused for more than a few days (or charge it using a car battery charger if you do), then this battery can do a job for you. Just be aware that below freezing weather could present problems with starting.

Basically, lower cost and low CCA/low capacity batteries are more capricious – by that we mean they’ll punish you more severely for any less than perfect treatment. And so you may get a short lifespan, and some trouble during that time, even if it does last you 3 years.

FYI, we’ve deep-dived into how long a car battery will last in the UK.

That’s the Lion 063 car battery, then.

Check out at the details on ebay right here.

063 Battery Dimensions

Here are the 063 battery dimensions:

210L x 175W x 175H (mm)

These dimensions can otherwise be expressed as:

  • Length: 210mm
  • Width: 175mm
  • Height: 175mm

Best 063 Car Battery Summary

We went through all the batteries we’d recommend for this type, and so you now know the best 063 car battery.

You have the option of the lowest car battery out there (that’s still decent quality), just be aware of its limitations. And for a little higher outlay, you can get more security for starting in winter and retention of power over time.

The Bosch S5 Car Battery 063 has to be our winner – it’s the best quality and won’t fail you – and it’ll give you the most power by far.