Ford Focus Car Battery: Price, Size, Best Type

Let’s take a look at the Ford Focus car battery.

We’ll look at the price you can expect to pay, and where to get the best price.

We’ll let you know the dimensions of the battery you need, which depends on which model and year of Ford Focus you have.

And we’ll explore which is the best battery to get, and which type.

On we go, then!

Battery buying guide

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Ford Focus Car Battery

Introducing Ford Focus Car Battery: Price, Size, Best Type

Before we even look at the price you’ll pay and what battery you should get, we need to establish the right size and type of battery for your model of Ford Focus.

Ford Focus Battery Size

Most Ford Focuses need an 075 or 100 size battery. What does that mean? It’s just a code for a specific dimensions of battery.

The 075 battery size refers to the following dimensions:

242L x 175W x 175H (mm)

Or expressed another way:

Length: 242mm

Width: 175mm

Height: 175mm

The 100 battery size means the following dimensions:

278L x 175W x 175H (mm)

Or expressed another way:

Length: 278mm

Width: 175mm

Height: 175mm

That said, we must be very clear: there are TONS of different models of Ford Focus. The engine sizes go from 1.0L to 2.3L and everything inbetween. There are estates, hatchbacks, convertibles, saloons.

And Ford Focus’s have been on the go for a year or two as well…

All in all, then there are a lot of different sized vehicles, and with that comes different engine sizes and designs, and with that comes different battery sizes.

So, you MUST check which battery you’ll need on an online system. That’s super simple now.

  1. Just put your registration plate into the box on this, the best car battery finder in the UK. Just click the Blue box that says “Select Vehicle”, then enter your reg.
  2. Or if you’d prefer not to, you can enter your car’s Make, Model, Year, Engine, Fuel type.
  3. Then, up pops all the batteries that fit your Ford Focus.

Which Battery Type To Get?

We recommend the following battery types:


This is by far the lowest cost battery type, but you can still get decent quality batteries from Lion.

For example, the Lion 100 Car Battery, which will fit lots of Ford Focus models, has quite a lot of power for its price, 72Ah is hefty (what does battery Ah mean?). And the 620CCA is plenty of starting power, enough for a 2L Ford Focus.

CCA, by the way, means Cold Cranking Amps. It means the ability of the battery to start the car in very cold ambient temperatures.

Naturally, the quality of the internal components isn’t as high as the other batteries on this list. It won’t deal as well as other batteries with being left in a discharged state.

And it’ll lose more power faster than the others. You may find that after a couple of years, its power has reduced a lot and depending on how you’ve treated it, it could have an issue or two. It comes with a 3 year guarantee.

If you’d prefer something more solid and reliable over time, then consider…


Exide represent the middle of the market, in terms of quality and price.

Their batteries are quite a big step up over Lion in terms of quality of the internal components and power delivery.

The Exide Excel Car Battery 100, to follow our 100 battery size example, has capacity 71Ah and 670CCA. Again, those are solid numbers and it’ll deliver reliably for you. Like the Lion 100 battery, it has a 3 year guarantee.

Some of you will want to consider Exide’s Premium range. While it’s only 1Ah higher capacity (at 71Ah), it has 50CCA higher (at 720CCA). That means a lot of extra security in terms of starting your car in cold weather.

And it has a 5 year guarantee. For long-term reliability, this is an excellent battery.

Another recommended option is…


Varta batteries are some of the best quality batteries in the world. They tend to be on the higher price range, but have some models which are quite inexpensive, considering their quality.

As for their 100-sized model:

At 72Ah and 680CCA, this Varta battery is comparable to the Exide Excel model – at slightly higher price. That’s to be expected – Varta batteries have internal components and materials that are at the top end of the market. Remember that when making your Ford Focus car battery buying decision – don’t look at numbers alone, also think about the brand.


Bosch’s place in the market is at the top – their quality is the best, along with Varta. And their price is higher to match it.

The Bosch S4 Car Battery 100 (their 100 dimensions model) also has 72Ah capacity and 680CCA Cold Cranking Amps value. That’s the same as the Varta model.

But the quality of this Bosch is better. It also has 4 year guarantee.

They have a premium model as well, their S5 model. This has capacity of 74Ah and Cold Cranking Amps of 750CCA. That 750CCA is huge starting power; if you really want to reduce your risk of a failed start in freezing temperatures, this is the one for you.

That one comes with 5 year guarantee.

If you want the best quality of battery, you can also consider EFB and AGM batteries.

By the way, we’ve a done a complete breakdown of the best brands of car battery in the UK, and why we recommend them.

Ford Focus Car Battery Price

We’ve mentioned the best battery brands to choose from; how about their price?

Your cost for a Ford Focus battery depends completely on which model you have; different sizes of vehicle, car type, engine size made a huge difference.

So if you’ve a small 1.0L Focus, you can pay from £35 to £105, depending on which brand you get from our recommend brands above. That’s for one of the smallest battery sizes, such as the 063 battery type (here are the best 063 dimension batteries).

What about a larger-engined Ford Focus? That may need a 110 battery type Focus, for example? In that case, it may be £95 to £260 for some models of 2.3L Focus.

How about a 2.0L Ford Focus. In the case of 100 battery type, as in our examples above, prices range from around £60 for a small Lion battery with 3 year guarantee to near-£140 for the biggest Bosch battery with 5 year guarantee.

Typical car batteries are Flooded lead acid, but you can also get AGM or EFB batteries (such as the 100 EFB battery, suitable for a Focus) for more starting power and longer lifespan.

Summing Up Ford Focus Car Battery

There you go, then. We’ve talked about everything to do with Ford Focus car batteries.

The best types of battery to get, as well as which brands the Car Battery Geek team recommends, for each price bracket.

We also showed you how to make sure you get the right battery size for your Ford Focus.

And we looked at what price you can expect to pay, and how to make the best decision based on price and what you expect from the battery in terms of quality and longevity.

Good luck with your decision!