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We’ll let you know exactly what your options are if you want to go and check out a battery in person; in other words which retail stores have them.

We detail exactly which stores provide a fitting service; how much it costs, how long it will take, and whether you can book the fitment in advance.

Finally, and most importantly we’ll let you know about the price of batteries, how to make sure the get the right type of battery. Not only that, we’ll explain how to pick the best quality model, and how to find it at the best possible price.

Battery buying guide

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Car Batteries Glasgow

Ultimate Guide to Car Batteries Glasgow

Here you can check out your best options for 12V automotive batteries in Glasgow.

RANKINGCheapest price Car Batteries in GlasgowBest price car battery fittingBest Scottish battery retailer
RETAILER/GARAGEOnline MarketplaceEuro Car PartsFarmer Autocare
BATTERY TYPESAll kindsLion, Exide, Varta, BoschDrivetec, Yuasa

Replacement Car Battery In Glasgow: The Options

If you already know you need a new battery here are your best options for getting a replacement battery for your car.

Car Battery Online Suppliers In Glasgow

StoreType of OrgWebsitePrice Rating (£ to £££)Area(s) of Glasgow
Farmer AutocareOnline & Physical stores (several). A Scottish company, with HQ in£ for budget brand – Drivetec / £££ for Yuasa brandBellshill, East Kilbride, Hillington, Paisley. See the Farmer Autocare locations here.
Discount MotoringOnline & Physical£ (budget brand – Dynamic)319, 321 and 327 Gallowgate Glasgow G40 2EF 
The AABreakdown service. With a mobile car battery replacement££ to ££The whole Glasgow city area; and a few others
National Tyres & AutocareOnline store & garages with battery fitting service. And a mobile car battery replacement££ to £££Many locations all over Glasgow. Check their branch finder.
Euro Car PartsOnline store & garages with battery fitting££Several locations, such as Hamiltonhill, Baillieston, East Kilbride, Paisley. Here’s where you can find your local store in Glasgow.
HalfordsOnline store & garages with battery fitting£££Many locations all over Glasgow. Check here.

Garages with Batteries & Fitting Service

These are car repair centres/garages where you can take your car, and they’ll be able to replace your battery with a new one.

StoreType of OrgWebsitePrice Rating (£ to £££)Area of Glasgow
Thornliebank below237 Thornliebank Road, Thornliebank, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, G46 7RG
East End Tyres below6 Eastmuir Street, Shettleston, Glasgow, G32 0HS
Bishopbriggs MOT & Tyre belowUnit 2 16 Wellington Road Bishopbriggs Glasgow G64 2SA

Note: We won’t comment on the prices of these individual garages since we simply don’t know – their batteries are sold on an individual basis in the garage.

What we will say is that we know that you’ll generally pay more in a garage for a battery than the price you can pay if you buy a battery online.

That said, some people prefer the advice of a mechanic and the assurance of knowing it’s the right battery for your car.

The above garages specialise in car battery replacement.

You can also use a car repair comparison service to find a local garage…

Car Repair Comparison Services

For example,

Here’s their car battery fitting garage finder for Glasgow.

Bear in mind that garages in some comparison sites may have to may commission, and the price you pay may be higher to reflect this.

Online Business Directory

For example,

Here’s a link to the Glasgow battery suppliers listed on their website.

These car battery suppliers and garages just have their site listed on, they don’t pay a commission on each sale referred by

Online Marketplaces

We’ve done a ton of research on where to find the cheapest car batteries; and we’ve found online marketplaces, to be the lowest cost.

Why? Well, it’s the most competitive arena. It’s completely open and sellers fight on price.

Taking your battery to a garage or a mobile replacement service means they’ve pretty much got you over a barrel – giving you the choice of perhaps just a couple of batteries, and at the prices they want to charge.

Go here to ebay’s car finder. Then click the blue button with “Select Vehicle” on it. You’ll enter your vehicle make and model, or your registration. All the batteries that fit your vehicle will then pop up.

ebay is also where you can get Lion batteries, which we’ve found to be the best budget brand, by some distance. Here’s a full deep dive and review of Lion car batteries.

Car batteries are no different no any other product, you’ll get fast delivery to your home in Glasgow, and surrounding areas.

Car Battery Test Glasgow

The garages listed above, and pretty much every car repair centre in Glasgow will be able to test your battery for you.

Many of them offer a free battery check service, so don’t pay for that.

And make sure to ask the mechanic to show you the car battery test results. Specifically, you’ll want to check the CCA value, not the voltage. Voltage is just an indicator of the current level of charge in the battery at that moment. Whereas CCA is what measures the actual health of the battery.

Most car battery testers will show the State of Health (SoH) of the battery, normally a percentage result and with an accompanying recommendation. For example, it may say 82% (Battery Good), 68% (Battery OK) or 54% (Replace Battery).

It will also show the State of Charge (SoH), based on the current voltage.

Here’s what the car battery voltages you measure actually mean.

By the way, it’s also a good idea to get a car battery tester to keep an eye on your battery yourself. Then, you’ll know for sure when its health is starting to fail, and you can be ready and replace it before it dies completely. Here are the best 12V battery testers.

Car Batteries Glasgow Summary

Hope that helped you out!

In this article, we described your best options for help with car batteries in Glasow.

Your options for car battery replacement in Glasgow, online and offline, were detailed, with links to find them.

Need to dispose of your old battery? Here’s all there is to know about car battery recycling.

We also talked about prices and how each different battery supplier compares.

Good luck with your search!