Yuasa Silver 5000 Battery Review (YBX5000 Range)

Yuasa are one of the big names in the car battery world, that’s for sure.

They’re big enough to have ranges within their range.

We’ll be checking out one of their top ranges right here in our Yuasa Silver 5000 Battery Review.

Below, are the models available, and their specifications. Check it out and then check out the full review.

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019 Size

Yuasa YBX5019

  • Capacity: 100Ah
  • CCA: 900A (EN)
  • Dimensions: 353L x 175W x 190H mm

110 Size

Yuasa YBX5110

  • Capacity: 85Ah
  • CCA: 800A (EN)
  • Dimensions: 317L x 175W x 175H mm

063 Size

Yuasa YBX5063

  • Capacity: 52Ah
  • CCA: 520A (EN)
  • Dimensions: 207L x 175W x 175H mm

096 Size

Yuasa YBX5096

  • Capacity: 80Ah
  • CCA: 740A (EN)
  • Dimensions: 278L x 175W x 190H mm

335/334 Size

Yuasa YBX5335 (Positive Front Right layout)/YBX334 (Positive Front Left layout)

  • Capacity: 100Ah
  • CCA: 830A (EN)
  • Dimensions: 303L x 174W x 222H mm

075 Size

Yuasa YBX5075

  • Capacity: 60Ah
  • CCA: 640A (EN)
  • Dimensions: 243L x 175W x 175H mm

054 Size

Yuasa YBX5054

  • Capacity: 40Ah
  • CCA: 360A (EN)
  • Dimensions: 187L x 127W x 223H mm

012 Size

Yuasa YBX5012

  • Capacity: 54Ah
  • CCA: 500A (EN)
  • Dimensions: 207L x 175W x 190H

If you’re not sure which battery size you need, the net’s leading battery finder is this ebay car battery finder tool.

If you really want to go back to basics, here’s our excellent article, “What Car Battery Do I Need“.

How did we review the Yuasa Silver 5000 batteries?

Well, we tested and rated them for the following criteria:

  • Reliability
  • Starting Power
  • Battery casing build quality
  • Manufacturing process
  • Ability to start vehicles in cold weather
yuasa silver 5000 battery review

Rating the Yuassa YBX500 Series Car Batteries

Let’s delve right in and check out the good and bad points of these Yuasa 5000 batteries.

Each model is made in the same way with the same materials, just with a different size for different models of car. So we’ve reviewed the series as a whole.

If you do decide to get this battery, make sure to choose the right size.


Yuasa Silver 5000 Car Battery

Plus points and who needs this 12V car battery:

Its very well made, with high quality materials
You can feel the quality of the materials and see the quality of the workmanship. Inside the battery casing, the components, lead plates and acid are top grade.

Great starting power
We found these batteries had excellent starting power in our tests. The YBX5075, for example, is a 60Ah capacity battery, and its CCA is 640EN. That’s really a lot of starting power for its size. As far as normal lead-acid batteries go, this is as good as it gets for power. Why? Because these Silver 5000 batteries incorporate both silver technology (the clue’s in the name), as well as Calcium technology.

Very long warranty period
The Yuasa Silver 5000 batteries warranty period of 5 years is very decent. This is more important to some people than others. Yuasa batteries cost more than others, but come with better technology and facets like this long warranty. You’ll have to decide if these aspects are worth the increased cost for you.

Yuasa are well-established (and easier to contact and be held accountable)
Some lower cost battery brands are Chinese brands, and they’re not easy to get in touch with, and even harder to get your money back in the event of any problems. This isn’t to say that Yuasa will hand cash back to you. But in the event that the seller refers you to the manufacturer, at least you know they’re a company with a reputation to uphold.

Long lasting
Yuasa rate it as being good for 50,000 starts. That’s really a lot for a normal SLA (sealed lead acid) battery. That it can outlast almost all other batteries of this type is thanks to the superior Yuasa components, but mainly due to the Calcium and Silver technology.

Cons and why this Silver 5000 model is not for you:

An expensive choice
At each size of this range, there are cheaper options out there. If you just want a battery with decent longevity and that will provide enough power for most weather conditions apart from very cold ones, then you can find that at a cheaper price than these Yuasa Silver 5000 car batteries. Here’s how much a replacement battery costs in the UK in 2023.

Not suitable for stop-start systems
If your car has stop start functionality, you can’t get this battery, it’s as simple as that. You’d need an EFB (best EFB battery, UK) or AGM battery (AGM battery reviews).

Where can you get it?

You can check out the table above for each model. Or use the ebay battery finder.

Is a Yuasa YBX5000 battery right for you?

In other words, how can you decide?

Firstly, as mentioned earlier, if you have a start stop system, this range is no good for you! You need an AGM or EF battery.

Does the high values for capacity (Ah) and CCA make a difference?

These give you an idea how much charge your battery can store and how much power it can deliver.

Here’s exactly what Ah means on a car battery. And here’s what does CCA on a battery mean?

The TLDR of these articles is that the higher these values, the more likely you are to get your car started in cold weather, or in difficult charging conditions (such as if you’ve not used the car for a few weeks).

As far as Yuasa brand is concerned, they certainly have a reputation as one of the highest quality brands on the world market.

Yuasa Silver 5000 Battery Review Summary

That, then, was our Yuasa Silver 5000 Battery Review.

Its made of top materials and with excellent manufacturing processes. It has a long warranty, and with Silver and Calcium technology, it has major advantages over other lead acid batteries.

However, it’s certainly one of the more costly car battery options, and is not suitable for start stop systems.

If you know the size you need, check the table below.

Yuasa Battery ModelUK Battery Size
{clicking the link of the battery model takes you to that battery on ebay}

If you’re not sure about the right battery size for your car, here’s where to find out the right size.

All the best on deciding whether a Yuasa YBX5000 range battery is right for you.